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TEDxTalk – University of Nevada Reno


This winter (2015) I was chosen to give the very first TED Talk that has dealt with the topic of straight spouses. While my own experience is different from many experiences, my hope is that everyone can glean some type of encouragement from it.

The Other Side of the Closet: A Straight Spouse Speaks Out


The Coming Out Lounge with Rick Clemons

Rick Clemons, professional speaker, author, podcaster and life strategist, desired to honor us Straight Spouses on National Coming Out Day. This, for him, was a very important issue because he came out to his wife many years ago.

rickOne thing that I left with after listening to both parts (it was going so well, that he needed to extend it to a full hour!) is that he learned from the conversation. This, my fellow straights, was very heartening to me.

There may be things that you won’t agree with, though I didn’t leave feeling that way. However, it’s been over 10 years since The Big Reveal for me, and some of you may be in a space where it is difficult to hear from a gay man who came out to his wife and kids. So, proceed with some caution and try to take away a few things that encourage you.

Rick Clemons, thank you for being open to hearing from the straight spouse’s perspective on your podcast The Coming Out Lounge. And doing it on National Coming Out Day? That was great. Thanks.

So, here are the two links to both parts.

Episode 110: Bonus Episode For National Coming Out Day: The Other Side of The Story From a Heterosexual Spouse – Emily Reese, Part 1

Episode 111: The Other Side of The Story From a Heterosexual Spouse – Emily Reese, Part 2

Let me know if you have any questions about my conversation with Rick Clemons by emailing me at Thank you to those of you who follow my blog and are sharing your life with me. You aren’t alone, and while you may not feel it now, healing is truly possible. Borrow that faith from me about that when you need it.



Risk!  Live Storytelling – The Podcast with Kevin Allison

Emily was given then opportunity to tell the story of Devon coming out to her live on stage through one of the most popular podcasts in the nation, Risk!  Click here to get to the episode that was recorded (audio only) to hear Emily’s story.  You must fast forward to the 19:30 minute mark.  That is where her story “Revelations” begins.  You can download the podcast directly through your iTunes for free.  Visit the site Risk! True Tales Boldly Told to download it.  6thRoundSelfie

The Real Learning Channel, Huffington Post Blog contribution by Emily

Certainly one of the highlights of my writing opportunities, I was able to spread some awareness about Mixed Orientation Marriages on the heels of TLC’s show, My Husband’s Not Gay. Many thanks to Huffington Post Gay Voices for taking an interest in this is.

The Real Learning Channel, Huffington Post

The Katie Coombs Show, Radio Interview

Katie Oombs is a local speaker, writer, and socialite who deals with social and personal subjects. Kathy Baldock, Devon and I were invited to speak on subjects of sexuality, amicable divorce, straight spouses and social issues. It was a great time in the studio, and you may find some nuggets of wisdom in it for your own journey. Here is the segment as taped in the studio.


The Worst Little Podcast in Reno, Nevada, with the Reverend Rory Dowd

In January of 2015, Emily was a guest on a very fun, and very adult, local podcast. She was able to share her story a bit, along with talking about her cancer experience and teaching English at Rainshadow Charter High School. Click the link below to listen to the podcast, also featuring PJ Ruprecht, a very talented musician. If you are simply interested in only hearing Emily’s story, forward to 51:50.  Thanks, Rory, Nick, Jamie and Rick, for having me on your show.  What a blast!

(Here is a copy of their warning, because if you can’t handle adult content, then you might want to think twice.  “-WARNING: NSFW The Worst Little Podcast in the World is exactly that. It is blunt. It is tasteless tacky and offensive. And it is on the internet. But WLP isn’t just for self indulgence, no! It is a chance for us to highlight the Greater Reno Area and everything that makes this town rock.”)

The Worst Little Podcast with Emily Reese and PJ Ruprecht


Straight Spouse Network Blog Talk: I Couldn’t Do It

The link below contains a piece written by Emily on the most popular resource for Mixed Orientation Marriages. Be sure to visit them, as well as Emily’s blog, to get encouragement, meet others who are experiencing the same thing and for resources to help you though one of the most difficult times of your life.

SSN Blog Talk: I Couldn’t Do It


Emily is Co-Host of the Reno Tahoe Tonight Show which airs every Thursday morning at 9 a.m. Pacific Time on 101.3 FM

Reno Tahoe Tonight Magazine’s LIVE radio show, every Thursday at 9 a.m., features live music, interviews of people making a difference in our community, artists and events coming our way in the Reno/Tahoe area. Lively, meaningful and humorous conversations occur as Oliver Ex and Emily Reese draw out the best in people in our community. Tune into to listen online or on your radio at 101.3 Renegade Radio. The first half of the show also re-airs on 99.1 FM FOX News Talk on Sundays at 6:30 p.m.  Find us and “like” us on Facebook at Reno Tahoe Tonight Show and spread the word!EmilyOliver

Kim Beasley, Kim Beasley Consulting


Emily was a guest on Kim Beasley’s weekly show in Kansas City through Google+ Hangouts regarding her journey with colon cancer, her fundraising campaigns, and how Emily used social media to spread Colon Cancer Awareness.  Thank you, Kim Beasley, for being a friend and allowing me to be on your show.  You can find out more about her at her website:

Various News Articles Mentioning Devon, Emily and Kids

  • Emily’s story regarding her second bout with cancer and chemo was written and published in the Reno Tahoe Tonight magazine by Oliver X.  While we are no longer writing a column in the Reno Tahoe Tonight, Emily is actively involved with the magazine, particularly in her role as Co-Host of the Reno Tahoe Tonight radio show (see above).  Here is the beautiful prose that Oliver X wrote to promote her needs financially during this difficult time.  Thank you, Oliver.  (Turn to page 44.)

  • Divorce Mistakes You Can Make By Being Too Nice, Reuters, Tuesday, June 26, 2012, author: Geoff Williams

  • Our Rainbow Family and our story was featured in the Huffington Post.  What a blessing!

  • Devon and Emily wrote a column for a local magazine here in Reno called Reno Tahoe Tonight.  We generally took turns writing each month.  We started by telling our general story and followed up by topical columns dealing with specifics of the wonderful, and sometimes difficult, road we have been traveling on.  The online versions are listed below, with the page number you need to turn to to find our column, SameSides.

*UPDATE*  A few of the following links are temporarily unavailable and denoted with an *.  As soon as they are up and running again (there was a problem from with their archives), these links will be updated.  Thanks for your patience.     Page 78  Page 82     Page 82*     Page 88*     Page 88*                                                                             Page 90*    Page 100*

  • Devon and Emily, along with Kathy Baldock of, were featured on the radio with Sean Savoy and the House of Savoy to tell our story in light of Christianity, the Evangelical Church and LGBT inclusion.  The following links are the tape of the show, told in order, from segments 1-4.

  • Fighting Cancer With Rainbows, go to Page 14, Reno Tahoe Tonight, April 2012 Edition, written by Emily Reese        backgroundColor=%23222222

  • Mother’s Day Article: Many Honor Their Moms With Simple Haiku Poems, Reno Gazette Journal, May 6, 2011, by Lenita Powers

Mother’s Day Article 2011

  • Mother’s Day Article: I’m Proud of My Mom, Reno Gazette Journal, May 12, 2012, by Lenita Powers

Mother’s Day Article 2012

  • Emily is the Spokesperson for the charity group Our Hearts, Our Families, Our Community in Reno.  This organization’s purpose is to help families in our community when they experience medical crises.  Our annual Vampire Gala occurred on October 20, 2012, and was an amazingly fun event.  If you want more information on this group, please go to  The following are various T.V. and news releases about the event and the organization.

Thomas and Metzger Families

Contact us at or on Facebook at


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