Old Blog Posts from SameSides: Amicable Divorce

RockChalkFamilyPic1The first blog that Devon and I ran together (SameSides: Amicable Divorce and Getting Along With Your Ex) was a success.

As we continued along with our writing and opportunities to spread our story and message to other media outlets, we began exhausting the topics that pertained specifically to amicable divorce.  Our blog started morphing into the core reason for our divorce:  Devon came out as gay after 10 years of marriage and three kids.

With LGBTQIA issues as a major hot button of the last decade or so, we began speaking and writing more about marriage equality, homosexuality and the Church, and the topic of Mixed Orientation Marriage (MOM).  And so a natural split-off of our original blog needed occur.

Thus, this new SameSides blog has been created.

Under this tab, I will post the most pertinent pieces from that blog that have more to do LGBT topics than amicable divorce.  I will continue to keep up with our first blog as needed, so feel free to visit it and comment.

Thanks for all of the support in the past, and welcome to this new adventure of creating a supportive and safe place for straight spouses who may not have known that they had been living in a Mixed Orientation Marriage.

Live Life, Love Life, Impact Others,

Emily with The Reese’s and Their Pieces



4 thoughts on “Old Blog Posts from SameSides: Amicable Divorce

    1. I have taken a health break from writing (stupid cancer) but hope you follow along. Take a peek at the resources page; there are some links there where I share snippets of my story. Feel free to email me also. Much Live, Emily Reese

  1. Hello Ms. Reese. (before I continue, the ALL-CAPS words are merely things i want to emphasize, not things I am accusing you and your blog of being or not being) I have read the “about” section and several articles and testimonials on your page (as well as from several other online support groups relating to persons on one or both sides of a MOM including straightspouse.org, qchristian.org, and the bicast.org), but I have not found anything that fits what I am looking for.
    I am wondering, is your’s (or do you know of) an online support group community that, while being a welcoming space for persons of all gender identities and ethnic, racial, or personal backgrounds, while NOT propounding the belief that non-heterosexual attractions/orientations are sin, STILL holds that a non-heterosexual, extramarital, sexual LIFESTYLE (not at all to say that I excuse a lifestyle of heterosexual porn usage) is still sin? I am looking for a DIVERSE, and welcoming, but also theologically correct online community to recommend to people. Thank you ma’am.
    a compassionate image bearer (one among many 🙂

    1. Hmm. I don’t know of any organizations or groups that haven’t fallen apart, like Exodus International. With my past experience with groups like that (along with my strong stance that being gay and living as a gay person is not a sin), I don’t have any interest in finding groups that promote those ideas.

      If you’d like to understand the history of the term “homosexuality” and what the very few Bible verses about homosexuality actually referred to in history and original language, read the book Walking the Bridgeless Canyon. Excellent reading.

      Thanks for stopping by!

      Emily Reese

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