short-stories_wide-73921f5063a3379ef3d99ecbae0cf06da5af3adc-s6-c30This tab is meant to contain spouses and family members wanting to share their own personal stories of their husband, wife or parent coming out of the closet.  It can also be a story written by the LGBT spouse themselves.

Here are the parameters that need to be followed to the best of your abilities:

If you would like to submit your story to be considered for publishing on this blog, please be as concise as possible, by trying to limit your word count to 800.  Also, while I am a writer, I do not have the time necessary to edit submissions for correct grammar.  If I see something simple, I will change it.  Please proofread your submissions and have someone else read it before you submit it… we often cannot catch our own mistakes (even I have a tough time with it).  An extra set of eyes can really save you some time.

I will base my decision on publishing your story here with the following criteria:

  • Is it honest and from the heart?
  • If there are negative things in it, are they intentionally bashing others within the body of the story?  If so, I will not publish it.  Honesty about your experience can include negative things.  But if it crosses the line of bashing someone over the head, then I won’t publish it.
  • I reserve the right to cut things from the story, particularly for length or inappropriate words (see above).
  • If it requires too much editing on my part, I will let you know in a reply email and you can send it back to me once it has been more thoroughly edited.

Submissions should be sent to with the subject line “My Story.”



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