Concise Advise for the LGBTQ Spouse


There are some other written pieces under this tab that I would love for you, the LGBTQ spouse, to read, especially regarding “Telling the Truth” and “Humility”. These are two of the main points that I make in my TED Talk which are very important ideas I want all LGBTQ spouses to understand, when it comes to your straight spouses and their experience.

The following is also a great resource.

I often refer people to the Straight Spouse Network. While there are philosophies that people may or may not agree with on their site, overall, it is a wonderful place to connect and help the straight spouse to not feel alone.

For the LGBTQ spouse, the advice and encouragement I give is definitely filtered through my own experience and those thousands of people I have witnessed over the years of being on this journey. While I believe I empathize well as an Ally, I certainly don’t have all the answers. This blog article that was posted on the Straight Spouse Network was quite concise with tips for the LGBTQ spouse, and I believe it is worth the read.

If you do, please bear in mind that it may hit your heart and raise emotions in you. Go into it with an open mind, and look at it strictly from your straight spouse’s perspective. There are some golden nuggets of wisdom in it.

Thank you for caring about what your straight spouse is going through and wanting to help them, too.

Live Life, Love Life, Impact Others,

Emily Reese