The Nightingale’s on the TEDx Stage





Luanne: I began the most significant walk of our life.

Matt: But, I have a secret. A secret that I live with everyday of my life…I feel guilty all the time, like I am failing everyone.

Matt and Luanne Nightingale got to share their own unique journey on the TEDx stage in Sonoma County. Their story is very familiar to me, as I could relate to much of what they shared. You might, too.

I am very proud of them for their courage and collaboration, and I hope that you will take the time to listen to their story. They are very beautiful individuals, and to share what they did was surely not easy.

I am grateful for their friendship. You may glean something for yourself in it. Whether you’re a straight spouse or the LGBTQ spouse, I think you will appreciate them.

Matt and Luanne Nightingale’s TedxSonomaCounty Talk

Live Life, Love Life, Impact Others,

Emily Reese

Matt and Luanne have chosen hope over regret. Thank you for sharing your journey with us.

2 thoughts on “The Nightingale’s on the TEDx Stage

  1. Wow… wow. Thank you for sharing this deeply moving story. Perhaps, some day, my wife and I will be able to speak together with the same gratitude… Perhaps. We’re a lot older. It’s taken my wife a lot longer to come out to herself and to me, and it seems too late for us to part and start new lives. But at least we’re honest with each other. And perhaps it’s a blessing and not a curse (as I’ve so often felt) that we have no children. And perhaps stories like this can break the myth that sexual attractions can change, can be prayed away. Like this couple, we’ve tried it all. And nothing changes, just we get a deeper understanding of how unchanging our deep nature is. I rage against the lie that there is hope of change for gays and lesbians. The lie spells misery for them and for their straight partners.

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