The Implications of the Election for Straights

There are many things I would love to say, but I don’t want to turn off too many readers. If you voted for Trump/Pence, it is your right to have done so.


If you’re a straight spouse, I hope you can think clearly about what the implications of those two leaders are for straight spouses in the future and their husbands or wives who come out of the closet.

Trump stated very clearly that marriage equality could be overturned if the right justices were in place (1). Pence has deliberately tried to pass a bill that would make it legal for businesses to discriminate against LGBTQ people based on religious grounds (2).

Now, before you say: “I don’t really care what my Gay or Lesbian ex-spouse does; they shouldn’t get to marry. It’s bullshit.”

Fine. I get where you are in that place. I have been there myself, actually. That is coming from your place of pain and I will honor that. But I want to talk about what Trump/Pence means for future straight spouses.


In a nutshell, this type of thinking is partly WHY LGBTQ spouses don’t come out to us. They are already afraid of the ramifications with us; but what about what happens to them AFTER they come out, should anything change according to what Trump and Pence would like to accomplish?

They’ll be even more afraid. That’s what will happen. The very atmosphere that has existed for centuries, which has kept men and women closeted and in heteronormative marriages, will continue to possibly keep them there.

With more pain and more suffering and more lying toward future straight spouses.

This might seem alarmist, but it is the truth. If you don’t see that yet, it’s okay. I don’t want to minimize your pain right now in the middle of your crisis, and I definitely am not advocating that you should become an LGBTQ activist. You may not get to the place I have been led to travel.

But if you’re like me, and like so many straights who are far removed from their initial knowledge of their spouse, you will see the wisdom in what I am saying here.

I think of my own ex-husband, who is happily married now to his husband, and my own kids, all of whom support LGBTQ rights, and the ramifications for THEM. I am sickened and sad.

Now, I have to believe in the checks and balances of our glorious Constitution. I have to have hope that something drastic doesn’t undo what has been accomplished in the last eight years.

But I am alarmed. Big time. Please keep these things in mind as you watch the new President and Vice President try to implement what they want to do, even if they don’t really have a plan yet. Remember what I said here and keep an eye out for those who might harm others to keep them hiding their sexuality.

Because we know what happens when they do hide to straight spouses and families.

I will support our country. But I will speak up if I see someone harming us straights and the families that are affected by someone being too afraid to come out because of policies of Trump and Pence and those who make and pass laws.

Thank God for checks and balances. And thank God for all of you, whom I love and want to see succeed and heal. I will be praying and sacrificing all of the small chickens I have saved up for just this occasion.


Live Life, Love Life, Impact Others,

Emily Reese




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