Thank You, Straight Spouse Network

The Straight Spouse Network, or SSN, is something that many of us have found some solace through as we began our journey on the road we never pictured. If you’re looking for resources on your own journey, there are many out there, and the primary one I use is SSN.


I just wanted to give them a shoutout to thank them for mentioning the podcast I was on with Rick Clemons and The Coming Out Lounge. One thing I have found in this 10 year journey I have been on is that healing is possible, and bridge building between straight spouses and the LGBTQ community is something that I find myself venturing into. Rick was great with this idea, and I have found a new friend and confidante in him.

So, thank you, SSN, for bringing the conversation full circle from his original article, a response written by Kristen Kabli, and our discussion on his podcast. I think it is a good start to getting some more acknowledgement, and I hope that more and more people in counseling roles can find resources that will help us all on our journey.

Blessings, Healing, and Conversations,

Emily Reese


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