Off Topic and the Feels

As a bit of a side job, which has turned into a huge blessing, I have been given the opportunity to be the official Editor of a newer magazine in my area called Bliss Babe. The circumstances that brought me to it are purely from being open to new and interesting things.

This is one of the things I discovered about myself in the last 10 years: I enjoy the English language and writing with a nerdy, fiery passion, and it has given me great opportunities to be open to what is out there for my future.


So, I am going to attach a link to the magazine, and while I want you to read it all, I would love for you to turn to page 20 and 21 in order to read about a Shero of mine named Brittany Gaines.

It’ll make you feel all the feels.

I am planning on doing a topical review of a book I am reading as well as an interview and a couple of articles regarding straight spouses. Keep a lookout in a few months for it, and I will share it here.

So here’s the link to Bliss Babe and turn to page 20. I hope you like it.

If you are interested in connecting with the Gaines family, you can do so at the following links:

Camo Queen: The Elegant Outdoor Woman (owner Wanda Gaines)

Miss Shingle Springs Cameron Park Facebook page (Brittany Gaines)

Brooke Gaines Professional Singer (Brooke Gaines)

Thank you, Brittany Gaines, for being available to inspire others. I consider you a friend, and I am grateful for you and your family.

Live Life, Love Life, Impact Others,

Emily Reese



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