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Words from A Gay Dude Who’s Been There

I recently have had some interesting happenings in the world of connecting up with people from the LGBTQ community who have come out of the closet during a heteronormative marriage. I won’t go into lengthy detail here, but I ended up chatting (and recording a podcast) with Rick Clemons.


He is a professional speaker, author, podcaster and life strategist. To be honest, I didn’t know much about him in the beginning, but some of my friends here in Reno knew exactly who he was. This speaks volumes about his popularity, for lack of a better term. I can see why; he’s pretty rad when you chat with him, listen to his podcasts and read what he has to say.

He also is a man who came out of the closet to his wife. I reached out to him to offer any kind of support that I could for her, and I am grateful that he and I ended up chatting. I feel he has a platform that may help shed some light and acknowledgement of both sides of this closet, and I am thankful for him.

I will share more about the podcast we recorded when it is aired on Oct 11, 2016, which is National Coming Out Day. He kindly wants to acknowledge the straight spouse experience on that day, because for many of us, it is a day that will be a trigger for emotions and memories.

The link that I will attach here takes you to his Coming Out Lounge podcast blog section, and he speaks frankly about some pieces of advice. I felt it was spot on and may be something of interest to you as you go through your unique and often painful experience.

Here are his main points of what NOT to do and possible unrealistic expectations, and I encourage you to click on the link to read the whole post.

  1. Don’t tell anyone!
  2. Okay, you can be gay, but not in this town.
  3. Let’s not tell the children.
  4. Hey, I gave you what you wanted; now it’s my turn.
  5. Let’s make this work.
  6. Let me just go explore.

Now, to truly understand what he means, you really do need to click on the link below and read it. I found what he shared to be quite insightful, and he truly does understand that “there is no easy answer.”

Coming Out In A Marriage: 6 Unrealistic Expectations by Rick Clemons

Chat with you soon, Rick. Thanks for being a part of this thing called life.

And now I have that Prince song stuck in my head.

Live Life, Love Life, Impact Others,

Emily Reese


Here is his website if you are interested in knowing more: Rick Clemons