TEDx Crying

Life is truly amazing. It really is, especially now that I am at a place in my life, 10 years removed from my husband coming out of the closet.

In the picture above, I am starting to shed tears of gratefulness on stage at the TEDxUniversityOfNevada event on Saturday, January 23rd, 2016. It was at the end of my talk/story, with advice for both the straight spouse and the LGBTQ spouse. I shared how thankful I am for Devon coming out to me, as it set me on a path to knowing and loving myself, apart from anyone or anything else, including loving my imperfect life. I pointed to him in the crowd, and teared up.

After the audience stood and clapped, I walked off the stage and bawled like a baby. It was surreal. 

I am so thankful for coming to this place in my journey. I am here to witness that you, too, can get to this place. No matter what, you are loved, loveable, and not alone. 

As soon as the video is edited and posted on TEDx’s YouTube channel in about three weeks, I will post and share it here. 

Thanks for the love people. My life is blessed and I am thankful to be able to be transparent.

Live Life, Love Life, Impact Others,

Emily Fay Reese 



2 thoughts on “TEDx Crying

  1. I listened to your Ted Talk on the subject “The Other Side of the Closet: A Straight Spouse Speaks Out” and I had questions on my mind. As a married man with kids, I can say that I am straight through and through. But the issue about Straight and Gay feelings are very confusing and difficult to handle. In my mind, it is like Darkness and Light. They cannot be in one place at the same time. Where there is Light, Darkness cannot comprehend. Darkness is the absence of Light. So, how do you continue on this path of family life ( you, husband and kids) while he goes away to express himself elsewhere because of who he is and you stay with him because you love him and the kids and want to keep the family together? Are you a true practicing Christian that is prepared to walk in the word of God or at this point, “modern changes” and accommodations must be the way forward because we cannot find exact answers from the Bible to address our individual specific needs?
    After your husband came out of the closet, is he happy and are you happy now?
    My opinion about your marriage does not matter, but what the Bible says and how we are led by the Holy Spirit of God to lead and guides us matters a lot and I pray that you seek the face of the good LORD to help you in these difficult times. You are a very intelligent woman and I was greatly impressed with your TED TALK. All the best to you and your family.

    1. Thanks you for your comment and for watching my TED Talk! Having walked with the Lord since I was 12, I completely understand where you’re coming from. I also appreciate your encouragement.

      My faith is something I don’t talk much about on this blog; people are coming from all walks of life and it is my mission to encourage and get them plugged in with groups so they know they aren’t alone.

      The journey of the Straight Spouse is very rough. For me, my faith was rocked. In the end, after fighting for my marriage in every way possible and finally realizing that being gay isn’t something to fix, I was able to let go and move forward. I refused to stay in a marriage that was one sided, even though I came to peace that he really did love me, he just couldn’t love me the way I deserved and desired. It took several years to work through my anger and bitterness. I have come to a place of forgiveness and truly have grasped what it means to love unconditionally.

      Melding my faith with my situation has been no small task. I am finally back to the basics and the Letters in Red, enjoying a pure and loving relationship through Jesus.

      It just doesn’t look like it used to. In retrospect, I am grateful I went through all of this; I didn’t know who I was until I faced this road and went through everything that I did.

      It’s tough. My hope is that the Church learns how to minister with unconditional love for others who have experienced this. Time and again, through meeting other people and learning of their stories, the Church falls short.

      I don’t have answers on how the Church needs to handle it, but my hope is that they are open to things that have normally been taboo and don’t fit in a neat little box. It’s messy for sure.

      Again, thanks for stopping by and reaching out. You have encouraged me.

      Live Life, Love Life, Impact Others,
      Emily Reese

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