You Aren’t Alone

One of the constants from the people who contact me is that many of you feel alone in this journey, especially because you feel like no one gets the anger, hurt and chaos you live in everyday. I want to assure you that there are so many others out there whose spouses have come out or are in hiding, and we love you.


Love and Well-Wishes,



2 thoughts on “You Aren’t Alone

  1. I have felt a need to connect with other straights to share my views and yet where I live the demographics is predominately closeted gay or individuals who have “decided” to live a straight life.
    It makes it very difficult because their appears to be no authenticity.
    If they were going to ” act straight” then when they find out I am straight they shouldn’t treat me rudely.
    It’s so bizarre
    Any suggestions .

    1. Before I answer your comment, I guess I need to understand a little bit more. You are a straight person looking to share your views…on what? Need a little bit of your story to clarify what you are needing because I have no idea how to answer you. If you can email me at, that would be best.



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