Finding Your Own Narrative After Betrayal


When I read the article link below, I was all:  How come I didn’t write this?

Perhaps I just didn’t quite know how to put into perfect words what the betrayer experiences versus the betrayed.  I simply had to share it on my blog, because if you’ve experienced a spouse coming out to you (or any monstrous betrayal in life), then you will be able to put into words the feelings you have been going through.

And the message in the end?  Making sense of your life before that moment of realization that the life you thought you lived was overshadowed by your Love’s Lies.  How do we make sense of ourselves and our memories?  That is SO tough.

But we have to.  Somehow.  This is the process of moving forward, and while it will take an absorbent amount of time, it can be done.  We need to make what we thought was our life’s narrative into a new and real narrative.

I’ve done it.  I think.  I know you can, too.

Breathe.  Express.  Move.  Get up in the morning.  Allow yourself to feel.  See a psychologist, a psychiatrist, a doctor, a shaman, make some voodoo dolls… anything that will help you create your new narrative.

And stop by here, every once in awhile, to receive what I hope is encouragement that you can get better.

Love, The New Emily

Read the article Great Betrayals here.



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