Questions Without Answers: John’s Story


I’ve been around the issues of Mixed Orientation Marriages for several years now, and while I have worked through most of my own stuff, it seems that some things still surprise me every once in awhile.

I usually hear from women whose husbands have come out of the closet.  It even appears in the media more than it should.  But when I hear about a woman coming out to her husband, I am still all:  “Huh?”  It often seems like it is less common, but logically, I know that it isn’t.  Why is that?

Maybe it’s because men are less likely to share and be transparent than women?  Is there a different kind of hurt?  Maybe you guys can shed some light on that for me.  I don’t have the answers for it.

But John… he’s a different breed to me.  His story has so many similarities to others… but he openly shares his heart in eloquent ways.  I am thankful he reached out.  I believe he will help you feel less alone if you’re in this situation yourself.

Keeping your feet outside your door.  That is the hardest part.  Kudos, John, for sharing and for trying to make it down this path that you didn’t expect to be on when you got married.  Keep moving forward, even when you feel like you’re moving backward.

Click here for John’s story of his journey after his wife came out to him.


Much love to you, John.

Live Life, Love Life, Impact Others,



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